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Orion Bus Gets New Heaters

The 40-passenger 2006 Orion bus is at a truck shop getting some new heaters installed. The old heaters no longer work, they are near the back on each side of the bus on the floor back near the rear passenger entry door. The heaters are made by RedDot and are 24-volt. We've contacted RedDot and they've recommended a couple different options as replacements. Heat in the Orion upfront works great in the cab area and in the stepwell, so well that usually the driver has to turn them down. There is also a fan up front that the driver uses to blow heat to the mid and back areas of the bus to direct some of that heat back there.

The Orion bus is a 2006 Daimler-Chrysler Orion Model VII OG (Original Generation) meaning Diesel not the newer Natural Gas version. This large city transit bus was retired from a fleet of buses used by DART (Des Moines Area Regional Transit).

This diesel pusher style bus (diesel engine in the rear) is great for all kinds of events including tailgates, sporting event road-trips, large bachelor or bachelorette parties, any kind of event you can think of involving lots of people! It has been to many places since we took ownership of her. It has been down to the Riverbend Center in Cincinnati for a Reds baseball game, its been to various Corporate functions in Columbus and transported hundreds of people for the annual Buckeye Lake Winterfest which is held every year the last weekend in January in Buckeye Lake, Ohio.

Contact us today for availability and a customized detailed quote to book this behemoth for your next big special event!



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