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Welcome to Ohio Party Bus!

Here you will find general news and announcements that we would like to share with all of you! Come back often to see what's happening!

You will find various news and info about what's going on over here at Ohio Party Bus, things like status of vehicles, new events coming up, weekend schedules, info about upgrades, maintenance, and repairs to vehicles and buses, fun facts, etc.

There's always something happening here at Ohio Party Bus. The party surely never ends. We are always working hard day-in and day-out to improve everything about our business and the services we provide to you our valued customers.

Closing Message

What types of things would you like to see in our news/blog section? What interests you, what are you looking for? Help us shape the information we put out here so it's useful and valuable to you!

Please leave us a comment and reach out to us! Thank you!

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